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Riverside Educational Development
Welcome! The goal of this facility is to provide a safe, caring, and academically challenging environment in which children may develop their self esteem, creativity, learning, and social skills through the use of age-appropriate activities and materials and to provide quality education.  We want to feed the mind as well as the body with the right balance of nutrients and development advancement. 
It is our mission to provide a wholesome, loving environment where children can be children and learn to play and socially interact with one another.  We are committed to teach with the highest educational standards that will be age appropriate.  We will not discriminate against race, sex, creed, religion, or in any other way.
What your child will learn: Dramatic play, music and movement, finger play games, math concepts, Science and discovery concepts, Language skills, fine motor skills, following directions, social skills, increasing their self esteem, creative art/sensory play, separating from parents, problem solving, safety skills and much more.
We want to keep communication lines between Riverside and the parents always open.
We appreciate the notes and comments we receive, we welcome your suggestions.
We are here to help with Childcare and Pre-school and Summer Camp.   We have after care which we supervise the homework. Tutoring for the older kids on Tuesday and Thursday after school. 
Pre-school Mon-Fri
Our goal is to teach your child how to interact well with other children through Centers.  We have created centers that will stimulate your child learning.  Dramatic Play will bring imagination to their minds.  Manipulative center will bring math and solving puzzles, Music and art will bring their creative ideas.
Please feel free to call us anytime if you have any questions.
Riverside East :225-638-7332
142 New Roads Street New Roads, La 70760

Steps to Enrollment
Please call to schedule a visit to view the facility, meet the staff and ask questions.
Process:  The process of determine whether or not Riverside is a good place for you and your child(ren).
Complete and submit registration forms and fees.
Registration:  $100.00 Full time
$80.00 Part time
Supply fee: $35.00
Thanks for visiting!
We are Class III
We hope to see you again! Check back later for new updates to our website. There's much more to come!

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